Autoit is one of my favorites freeware to automate

The basics for building your own tool from windows scripting languages

The Internet explorer controls

The key Internet explorer controls (SHDOCVW and MSHTML) managed from VB(a)
Catching the damned second window that are build into some websites
Synchronizing with readystate, busy and statusbar of internet explorer
Do it from within EXCEL including killing popup dialogs

The not so funny modal dialogs of IE to tackle

A sample from microsoft showmodaldialog
A sample to create an about dialog with showmodaldialog

Finding and using the normal window objects

understanding classes form the WIN32 api
Finding all normal window objects thru VB(a) with WIN32 api
Enumerating and finding the normal child controls (ENUMCHILDWINDOWS)

Sending keystrokes to applications

Sending keys (SENDKEYS)
Sending keys (KEYBD_EVENT)
Sending keys (SENDINPUT)

The clipboard for exchanging information

Clipboard access from VB(A), allways handy when you have to send copy, paste keystrokes

Firefox controlling from remote

The basics to communicate with firefox remotely (tough but possible)

The handy stuff to make life easier

The hard core visual basic book
Check the type library wrapper
Using the Win32 API in VB
A VB API reference with easy declare sub/functions of the win32 api

MS Windows Spy programs


Windows .NET spy

Managed spy
Windows Forms Spy
Object Spy

Windows .NET UI Automation

UI Automation Overview
The Microsoft UI Automation Library
UI Spy
TestRun The Microsoft UI Automation Library
TestRun Lightweight UI Test Automation with .NET

Testautomation tools

AutoIt (Freeware)
Quick Test Professional
Rational Robot

Testautomation frameworks

Keyword Driven Test Automation”
Action words driven testing

Control spy

Control Spy Exposes the Clandestine Life of Windows Common Controls, Part I
Control Spy Exposes the Clandestine Life of Windows Common Controls, Part II
Control Spy Exposes the Clandestine Life of Windows Common Controls, Part II

Bugslayer / making your own record & playback tool

Tester, Take Two-TESTREC.EXE Updates Previous Version of the Tester Utility
Tester Utility, Take 3: Adding Mouse Recording and Playback

MS Windows the internals for testautomation to the limits

API Hooking revealed


Bookmarklet for IE and Firefox / DOM Inspector
From HWND to IHTMLDocument

Accessibility is related to problems for testtools

Visual basic code sample
IBM accessibility
Mozilla Accessibility
KDE accessibility
Gnome accessibility
Debian accessibility
Section 508 accessibility regulations
Free Standards Group accessibility:
Microsoft accessibility

A lot you should read on testautomation

Seven steps Wikipedia: Testautomation

Cost and benefits of testautomation


  • Licensing cost of tool used
  • Training cost of resources
  • Consulting cost of an expert
  • Building a proper framework
  • Writing the testautomation scripts
  • Maintenance of the automated scripts


  • Late changes can be absorbed due to easier regression testing
  • Return on Investment 2-10 times of repeatedly executed testscript
  • Repeatability
  • Very well documented testscripts (each detail is documented)

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